For your information, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions on our ready made dinner menu. If we have missed something you need help with, please get in touch. The MPK customer service team is happy to help.

The main meals as listed in the meal page of this website are prepared as the main part of your meal and produced for you to finish off cooking in your own oven. Some meals are just great on their own, others you may like to complement with a salad or veg.

The Mini Meals as listed are complete meals for one – with meat and veg included. These meals are produced ideally for reheating in your microwave. Of course if you wish to reheat them in your oven then that’s OK too – they will just take a little longer.

The only difference between fresh and frozen meals is that we recommend defrosting meals before cooking.

Main dinner meals come in two sizes:

Single serve (400g) – a generous serving, and for those with a smaller appetite would be enough for two with veg or salad added.

Family size (1600g) – this meal is for a family of 4-6 people and can be complemented by adding salad or veg.

Mini Meals come as a complete single meal at 350g to 400g

Single meals approx.. 20 minutes

Family sized meals approx.. 45 – 50 minutes

Mini meals two and half minutes in the microwave (on high)

For main meals convection oven set at 170C

For Mini meals use microwave on high

All meals are supplied in oven and microwave proof containers. Simply take the wrapping off the meal and pop the meal, in its container, into your oven.

No mess, no fuss – and no cooking pots and pans to wash up after your meal.


Our gluten free meals can be viewed at Gluten Free Meals


Our vegetarian meals can be viewed at Vegetarian Meals

Yes – remember these meals are just like home cooking, so reheating left overs the next day is just fine.

All meals are vacuum packed to give at least 7 days fresh shelf life when stored in your refrigerator. Any meals you may have left in the refrigerator after 7 days should be frozen for later use. This means there is zero wastage with MPK Artisan Kitchen prepped meals.

Absolutely not. All meals are produced free of preservatives using only the freshest produce and vacuum packing to retain those “just cooked” flavours

As well as the Gluten Free and Vegetarian options on our main menu, special dietary meals, such as dairy free, can be catered for. These meals need to be discussed with our kitchen and ordered in advance.

No – you can order as many meals as you like. Orders for meals totalling over $70 are delivered free on The Hibiscus Coast and Orewa. Orders totalling under this amount incur a $6 delivery fee. Outside this local area, orders incur a $14 delivery fee